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Wild Roses
Mini 2 ml

Wild Roses Mini

Scent Family: Floral
Candied-orange flower and powdered bergamot contribute a modern freshness to the opening of Wild Roses. The apricot-rose heart is perfectly rooted in a base of tarragon absolute -- its herbal rounded anise aroma giving a nuance of both earth and leaves. The balsamic vanilla absolute and the whiskey-ness of aged patchouli support tarragon’s warm, powdery aspect.

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Character: Soliflore Rose Bouquet: I wanted to capture the experience of walking in my garden and smelling each rose, as their perfumes blended in my nose with the smell of the leaves and earth.

Fragrant Notes: rose petal attar, Turkish rose absolute, apricot, candied orange flower, tarragon, vanilla dust.

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For all-natural opulence, Mandy Aftel's new Wild Roses (boozy, spicy, resinous) will have you anointing yourself like Cleopatra awaiting Marc Antony.
-- The Los Angeles Times

It really does deserve its name: Wild Roses is most definitely not a dainty tea-rose fragrance. It starts off boldly, with emphatic spicy and woody notes that put me in mind of a very sophisticated pomander or potpourri. The earthiness of the spice and woods, and the mystery of an incense-like note, are balanced by a hint of bright bergamot.
-- Now Smell This

Wild Roses opens with a hugely complicated blast of… well, rose of course – a clean tea rose, a spiced jammy rose, a hit of cracked pepper – a dribble of syrupy anise, a cold eucalyptus and a blast of bitter-sweet, fruity apricot that verges on peach. It is so overwhelming and rich it almost smells boozy up top – but not with the dense, alcoholic and almost sticky quality that boozy accords tend to have.
-- Smelly Thoughts

Wild Roses opens strong, racing out of the bottle onto the skin and blooming immediately into the air around me. A seemingly frenzied swirl of sweet rose and rich spice swirls around. It quickly becomes clear, though, that this wild appearance is simply an act. Mandy's deft hand has created that delirious opening that so perfectly represents the "intoxicated" feeling she was trying to evoke. It may seem unrestrained, but there's structure and purpose in there - and that makes it all the more beautiful.
-- This Blog Really Stinks

Mandy gifts us with the fruity: plum, apricot in profusion. Anisic tarragon [an herb we commonly love!] feels such a natural counterpoint, it possesses layers of color and feeling. Mandy only uses the finest aged patchouli to render the soil loamy and fertile, only faintly dusty—in which our roses take root. The touch of heliotrope in the topnote is tender and wistful, not grannyish. Each addition of a different rose component [Turkish rose, geraniol, damascenone, rose CO2, Robertet Rose Pétales] only serves to enrich our understanding of the seemingly limitless scope of rosy possibility.
-- Fragrantica

Aftelier Wild Roses is to me the essence of pure joy. The first wisps of scent reveal delicate petals of roses infused seamlessly with a stoned fruit (yes I said STONED), sweet and dripping with yellow gold juice. These are the droplets one would lick from a lover’s lips, the pure bliss of which suffuses the soul memory with gladness, it is the message of “life is good and rich and whole” it is the experience of wholeness.
-- Perfume Pharmer

Just as a dream constantly shifts and wiggles beneath our hands as we try to pin it down, I just can't get this scent to sit still - in a good way! Wild Roses is not a painting of a rose. It's a jazz piece written in celebration of roses. There is no scarlet, peach, yellow, pink - it's all of the colors at once, like a prism in a lightening storm.
-- This Blog Really Stinks

Playful, sensual, even devoutly tender, the scent is a thorough, serious, very elegant ode to the jewel-like richness of a myriad of roses and evokes far more than mere sentiment. The fragrance reminds of the rose’s graceful soothe on the spirit and soul.
-- Beauty Huile

The dry-down is intimate and warm- it's what you smell on yourself after walking around in a blooming garden on a warm day, touching the flowers you sniff and perhaps rubbing a couple of them against your cheek to enjoy their tactile quality as much as their inviting scent.
-- The Non-Blonde

My mind is offerering me no perfume correlation to this magnificent rose. Spicy, boozy, fresh, dark, sweet, narcotic and magical: Mandy Aftel says this is to have become drunk on the scent of all roses. Yes, it certainly gives that feeling, floating o a sea of roses, buoyant, drifting.
-- Australian Perfume Junkies

What can I say to tell this tale of wild and of roses, how can I convey with my words what a joy this perfume is, how audacious, how delicious is – this dream of roses?
-- The Alembicated Genie

This fragrance was inspired by a variety of roses, alive and growing, with the subtleties of each variety on display-- even the dirty ones. Add to that a touch of sweet honey and a dash of rich, aromatic bliss, and you've got Wild Roses-- a fascinating study in the cultivation of the senses.
-- Eyeliner on a Cat

The rose is wild enough and the dry down into a balmy green aura is soft enough to soothe an unruly mood. There’s enough complexity, definition and strength to ornament the vast greyness of days and days of winter rain for the likes of me.
-- IndiePerfumes

Wild Roses is a rose scent like no other, rich and resplendent... Wild Rosesis a fantasy rose perfume, and its evocation of a bigger than life, languid rose fragrance is the kind of flower one dreams of in deepest winter, a golden talisman to cling to when the garden is nothing but lifeless black branches and barrenness.
--Donna Hathaway, Perfume Smellin Things

To guys afraid of wearing rose scents, grow a pair and try this one.
-- Notable Scents

Overall, this is a lush, rich, dark rose, jammy almost, but not sweet. More of a rose marmalade, than a compote. It's not sweet and powdery, but thick and deep. Concentrated and cerebral, it is more about the idea of a rose with it's thorns and woodiness, and unexpected bitterness than a photo-real imagining of a rose petal... Beautiful, rather than simply pretty, sophisticated rather than simple.
-- Get Lippie

Wild Roses perfume evokes the garden in our imagination and memory — the book of a hundred petals unfolding: balsamic, spicy, apricot, and honeyed roses, mixed with the smell of warm earth and herbs.
-- Perisously Pale

This is a scent all about roses, but what makes it different from other rose perfumes is that Wild Roses feels ALIVE. Every time I wear it, depending on dosage, temperature, level of humidity or possibly star constellations, it tends to display the rose garden from a different perspective. On some days the roses are small and almost invisible among greenery and thorns. There are generous peach colored days, when the roses are brimming over with fruity sweetness and nectar. Sometimes they’re big, bold and wide open, like a mother waiting to give a loving hug. On other days, and especially toward the end of the wear, the indoles come forward, creating the image of a slightly soft rose that has been around the block a couple of times, leaning towards you, telling a hilariously dirty joke.
-- Riktig Parfym