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Amber Tapestry
Perfume Pomander 6 ml

Amber Tapestry 6ml

An elegant dropper-bottle of eau-de-parfum strength fragrance for use with our Perfume Pomander balls, or you can simply wear the perfume on your skin.

Scent Family: Ambery
Amber Tapestry is evocative of vintage perfumes where the various amber facets are woven together like a golden tapestry. Jasmine grandiflorum blended with jasmine sambac create a gorgeous richly layered jasmine. I interlaced various resins to create my dream of a sweet and powdery amber base. Shimmering ambergris embroiders a luminousness sheer texture and castoreum lends a touch of leather. Amber Tapestry is based on a seamless and complete weaving together of jasmine and amber wrapping around you like sumptuous warm cashmere.

1ml sample $7

Character: Amber, warm, comforting, smooth, soft, seamless, caramel, powdery.

Fragrant Notes: powdered yellow mandarin, cinnamon pear, jasmine grandiflorum, jasmine sambac, sweet ambers, leather.

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The format is really a smile-enhancer - after just a few drops have been placed on the felt, within 10 minutes or less, you'll notice the space around you filling with a gentle, persistent perfume. It's the kind of soft, friendly talisman you can bring with you anywhere (in the pocket of a coat, in a bag or knapsack,) or left in a bedroom drawer, or tied to a hanger in a closet. It emits a soft but steady stream of fragrance. What I particularly love about scented objects like this is their longevity - felt emits the smell very gradually so it makes for a particularly sweet and pleasant experience. Having so many of Aftel's fragrances to choose from for the pomander also makes it wonderfully personalized.
-- John Biebel, Fragrantica