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Perfume Pomander™

Each of our perfumes is created by Mandy Aftel from the finest natural essences in the world, including the rare and the antique.

Our pomander is a modern interpretation of a medieval pomander: an amulet that people carried with them, filled with sweet-smelling aromas to brighten their day. The Perfume Pomander kit contains an elegant dropper-bottle of eau de parfum, 3 felt balls and a silk carrying pouch. Put 5 drops of the perfume on a felt ball and carry it in its pouch or your pocket. Touch and smell the felt ball whenever you want to feel soothed and uplifted. You can also simply wear the perfume on your skin.

Fun, comforting, personal, luxurious. Perfect for a gift!

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Perfume Pomander 6 ml

Our Price: $85.00
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