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Pocket Pomander

A modern interpretation of medieval pomanders -- amulets that people carried filled with sweet-smelling herbs and spices, to comfort and fortify themselves against foul smells and disease.

Our Pocket Pomander tin contains 3 felt balls, a silk carrying pouch, and a 5 ml dropper-bottle of scent. Put 5 drops on a ball and carry it in its pouch, or the tin, or your pocket! Touch and smell the felt ball whenever you want to feel soothed and uplifted.


Respite Perfume
A blissful aromatic vacation: jammy sweet fir balsam and powdery vanilla, balanced with blood oranges.

Thieves' Blend Perfume
My interpretation of the iconic medieval blend, concocted by four thieves who robbed the sick and dead during the plague. They escaped the effects of the disease by using their secret botanical blend, handed down through the ages. Selected Notes – herbs: thyme & lavender & rosemary, spices: cinnamon & clove, citrus: sweet orange & bergamot, with a smidge of ambergris.

Respite Pocket Pomander Thieves' Blend Pocket Pomander
Pocket Pomander

Our Price: $80.00
Respite 5ml Thieves' Blend 5ml
Respite Perfume
5 ml

Our Price: $60.00