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Joie de Vert
Perfume Pomander 6 ml

Joie de Vert EDP 6ml


CaFleureBon - Best of 2021

Colognoisseur - Best of 2021

An elegant dropper-bottle of eau-de-parfum strength fragrance for use with our Perfume Pomander balls, or you can simply wear the perfume on your skin.

Scent Family: Green
Joie de Vert ("Joy of Green") perfume is a green dream of a fragrance inspired by my deep attachment to nature's fantastical greenness. Twenty years ago, I had the good fortune to buy an artisanal batch of anise hyssop essential oil and fell in love with it on the spot -- sadly I've never been able to source it again. This oil is the perfect marriage of sweet licorice and bright, green herbalness making it the ideal focal point for this perfume. I juxtaposed it with the deep, loamy, wet-forest aroma of oakmoss to capture the high contrast inherent in wild nature. The substantive but light texture of the perfume relies on the extraordinarily tenacious and animalic fire tree oil, shaded by the soft vanilla facets of styrax resin. The perfume's heart of orange flower absolute, elegantly spanning both heady floral and citrus, is tempered by the crispness of pear. An extraordinary Tunisian bitter orange was the right match of bitter and fresh, punctuated with a smidge of leafy green coriander, to balance the sweetness of anise hyssop.

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☞Character: Green, bright, mossy, orange flower, crisp.

♫Fragrant Notes: anise hyssop, oakmoss, firetree, orange flower, pear, styrax, bitter orange, coriander.

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The format is really a smile-enhancer - after just a few drops have been placed on the felt, within 10 minutes or less, you'll notice the space around you filling with a gentle, persistent perfume. It's the kind of soft, friendly talisman you can bring with you anywhere (in the pocket of a coat, in a bag or knapsack,) or left in a bedroom drawer, or tied to a hanger in a closet. It emits a soft but steady stream of fragrance. What I particularly love about scented objects like this is their longevity - felt emits the smell very gradually so it makes for a particularly sweet and pleasant experience. Having so many of Aftel's fragrances to choose from for the pomander also makes it wonderfully personalized.
-- John Biebel, Fragrantica

The collection of substances might make one step back and think, "are these 'green'?" but here is where perfume artistry comes into play. Joie de Vert achieves green-ness by using tubes of blue and yellow paint instead of grabbing first for a tube of chartreuse. An hour into the fragrance on the skin and the separate notes lose their distinction and meld into a new whole of leaves, gentle sweetness, and a pulsating, mossy underbelly.”
-- John Biebel, Fragrantica

This is a fragrance that celebrates the joy of greenery. It reminds me of cypress trees with their dense evergreen covering, that not even the coldest of frosts can defeat. There's a satisfying mossy dampness underfoot, with many textures and shades of green layered upon each other. The anise note has a subtle piquancy that adds a realistic tang of the forest, evoking spiky holly, ripe berries and an endless carpet of pine needles. Pear and orange blossom meet in the middle to make a fruited and floral alliance, sweetened by the vanilla nuances of styrax.
-- Samantha Scriven, I Scent You A Day

The perfumer weaves her spell around unusual elements -- a 20-year-old anise hyssop, aka licorice mint -- and the fruity liquored leatheriness of fire tree essential oil. Other shades appear and expand upon the theme: the inky, forest floor depths of oakmoss; coriander seed's resplendent, brilliant spice; the fleshy, crisp pear -- each possessing a different palette and contributing layers which represent the earthy, luminous and juicy qualities inherent in a spectrum of green. Contrast these with the dulcet orange blossom and bigarade heart, underscored with styrax's woody vanillic tone -- and the olfactory experience is multi-tiered and exquisite.
-- Ida Meister, CaFleureBon

Skin explodes the herbaceous aromas of Joie de Vert, for a sudden shocking moment you are transported to a secret walled garden, purposefully overgrown away from prying eyes. The tenacity of Joie de Vert is superb, the notes evolve with considered allure over six to eight hours, the anise hyssop holds your attention drawing you time and time again to your own skin, inhaling the strangeness of joyful green tinged a tinctured glow akin to light pouring through medieval stained glass.
-- Ever Dandy Silver Fox

From the first moments I smelled this I felt I was hiking through a deep forest. Glints of sunlight through the dense canopy come via orange. A woody herbalness vis coriander begins to form the trees. This sets the stage for a catalytic reaction as oakmoss, and fire tree oil exert themselves on the anise hyssop. The licorice-y piece never recedes but it does alter as the oakmoss adds a textural velvety greenness. The fire tree oil threads a slightly animalic facet into the green.
-- Mark Behnke, Colognoisseur

Many "green" fragrances fail to engage me -- either too sharp, too monotonous, or too conventionally masculine. However, Joie de Vert is a harmony of disparate natural materials -- fruit, flower, leaf, resin -- blended into a complex yet wearable impression of a verdant forest clearing. And it's very long-lasting on my skin, especially for an all-botanical fragrance, so I'm able to enjoy my imaginary forest stroll for an entire afternoon.
-- Jessica Murphy, Now Smell This