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Memento Mori
Perfume Pomander 6 ml

Memento Mori EDP 6ml

An elegant dropper-bottle of eau-de-parfum strength fragrance for use with our Perfume Pomander balls, or you can simply wear the perfume on your skin.

Scent Family: Animalic
The wearer has the experience of the perfume changing on their skin, much as time changes memory. Memento Mori recalls tender memories of the skin and body of someone with whom you have been intimate, and the ways that you treasure and long for that which you remember when they are lost to you. We want to hold the vanished beauty close even as we experience the piercing quality of memory. Perfect for layering over another perfume to add a musky layer.

Memento Mori
Beautiful in-depth story about the making of my Memento Mori perfume. Full article [here].

1ml sample $8

Character: Musky, animalic, slightly floral, alchemical, like clean skin, lingering.

Fragrant Notes: orris, sheer rose, light amber, butter, antique civet, woody violets.

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The scent’s as mesmerizing as it is disturbing. It’s not just carnal; it’s animalic but in an atavistic, primitive manner. While it pushes the envelope in ways you can’t really prepare yourself for, every aspect of it feels calculated, intentional, and curiously comforting. Memento Mori is compulsory for anyone interested in what scents can accomplish beyond the realm of perfume niceties.
-- [email protected]

Completely awestruck. THAT smell. We know it. We wish we could bottle it up to save for a rainy day or when we are missing our Lovers. The opening is quite bold, the smell of tangled sheets and play. The drydown is like spooning. The smell of skin, softness and contentment. Crazy longevity. I am Smitten.
-- Tami Holubar