Antique Silver Quatrefoil Embossed Faun

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Sterling Silver Quatrefoil French Patch Box from 1900 with Stunning Ornate Oval Cartouche
Antique Silver Quatrefoil Embossed Faun

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Sterling silver quatrefoil French patch box from 1900 embossed with elegant patterns. There is an elaborate central cartouche that is surrounded by elaborate frame of dots and fanciful flowers. Stylized leaves encircle the top edges. There are two hallmarks around the rim of the lid. The back is decorated with stylized flowers and leaves. The case closes closes with a satisfying snap with a mirror and gold vermeil inside. This patch box has a ring which allows it to be worn as a locket. It is 1.75 inches across, and the price includes 1/4 oz (8 ml) solid perfume of your choice. Patch boxes came into use during the 18th century at the court of Louis XV, where the use of "beauty patches" was popular. A beauty patch was made of gummed silk and was pasted on the skin as a "beauty mark" to emphasize a woman's facial feature, usually the cheek.
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