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Perfume 8 ml

Fig 1/4 Oz.

Scent Family: Gourmand
Jasmine sambac, fir absolute, and yuzu create the richness of ripe black figs. Without a true natural fig essence available, my fig contains no fig, but employs a sleight-of-hand based on a rare, almost fruity lavender from Spain, paired with the sweet and jammy fir absolute.

.25ml sample $8

Character: Fruity Floral, ambrosia and nectar, animalic undertones.

Fragrant Notes: jammy fir absolute, Japanese citrus, fruity Spanish lavender, jasmine sambac, hyraceum.
Best of 2012

When you purchase this 8ml flaçon, we include an empty 2ml Mini bottle, for you to fill. A perfect portable version of your perfume!
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This luscious purple-hearted perfume sings sotto voce of breathless August afternoons beneath the green canopy of an Arcadian sky, and right before I’m about to gnaw off my wrist, a heady drydown of Africa stone and fir absolute decide to do me in.
-- Scent Less Sensibilities

A real perfume with depth and longevity, and the Africa stone in the base adds another layer of complexity to this seductive and succulent gourmand perfume.
-- Perfume Smellin’ Things

Fig is luscious and rich and fruity and a little spicy. It is sexy and poignant, and a little dark. I ate a lot of figs this summer. They hung heavy from the trees around my house. I picked them from the branches and ate them on the spot—warmed from the sun, sweet to taste—red and jammy inside, tender to touch.
-- Shannon Honeybloom

Like many Aftelier fragrances, Fig has me under her spell. It develops from sapling to the full glorious ripeness of age; her swansong is a sensuous dance, lush, rich and memorable.
-- Monsoonal Musings

Aftelier Fig is one of our top natural perfumes for summer! Mandy Aftel’s most popular scent perfectly captures the sweet, lusciousness of ripe black figs.
-- Stylecaster.com

Fig speaks of contrary alliances. It’s musty yet sharp, balsamic yet sweet. It’s indolic and resinous, earthy and powdery. Mandy’s Vintage Patchouli essential oil might be in Fig because it possesses a rich, earthy base that resembles the aged patchouli. But the overriding beauty of this fragrance is the merging of fir and jasmine sambac. Somehow the two create a sap-filled scent that is dark and jammy with a subtle spicy flourish only jasmine sambac can offer. The chewy aroma of Fig is so unique and alluring, I had to put it on my holiday wishlist... gorgeous perfume which fortunately lasts all day.
-- Scent Hive

Aftelier's Fig re-creates the experience of overripe black figs, the kind that is actually worth trying even when not freshly picked. An accord of resinous yet sweet fir absolute along with jasmine sambac and yuzu creates this pleasant illusion for a moment in the opening. In my experience, the FIR is the star of FIG, and the jasmine creates a perfumey impression, which dries down to a powdery sweetness.
-- Smelly Blog

Gorgeous scents derived from 100% natural materials. Try the mysteriously complex Fig perfume...
-- Out and About Magazine

A rich blend of jasmine and yuzu that transfers nicely from day to night.
-- New York Magazine

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