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Honey Blossom
Eau de Parfum Spray 30 ml

Honey Blossom Eau de Parfum Spray


Scent Family: Light Floral
Beautiful honeyed floral, hypnotic with notes of honeysuckle. If there were a flower that smelled like honey, this would be it. Sheer and reminiscent of being in a meadow, this light floral is a perfect pairing for warmer weather.

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Character: Soliflore, sheer, light, sweet, happy, transparent, floral.

Fragrant Notes: linden blossom, mimosa, orange flower, tea rose and ambergris.

Finalist for Fragrance Foundation 2011 FiFi Award: Fragrance of the Year - Indie Brand

CaFleureBon Best of 2010

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Well, I would not have thought it possible but someone has managed to bottle Summer and they call it Honey Blossom. Mandy Aftel of Aftelier perfumes has taken the essence of sweet fragrant air, scented with blossoms blooming with the promise of the honey that’s too come. You can close your eyes & feel the sunshine and hear the gentle buzzing of honeybees as they lazily bob from flower to flower… This perfume has “fairy tale” pretty written all over it. Honey Blossom is smooth, sweet and delectable, and somehow finds that "perfect" honey note without being too sweet or too, well, you know. It is the Goldilocks of honey scents - "just right". Daly Beauty I could not stop smelling myself; to me it evokes chamber music played in a Victorian parlor.
-- Perfume Smellin’ Things

So sweet and lovely, with that poignant intriguing background of ambergris, which adds a depth and mystery. Pure honey, light and sweet and clear and pale gold. When I was little I used to suck the honey from the honeysuckle flower, and bury my face in the sweet scent, which wafted from the flowering branches. I love finding these same scents here—something honey and something honeysuckle-along with a light orange blossom, and floaty mimosa. And anyway—my last name is basically Honey Blossom, kind of. I love it.
-- Shannon Honeybloom

It opens a bright linden blossom, then matures to a soft, resinous honeysuckle, elegantly amalgamating the nectar of the flowers with the warm glow of ambergris. It's a classic feminine scent, perfectly blended and beautiful.
-- Bella Sugar

This is as honeyed as a floral gets- without a cloying sense of decay. The mimosa is a perfect foil for the linden absolute; how could it not be? With angelic orange blossom in the heart, reposing so blissfully atop ambergris and benzoin. Lordy. I could bathe in the stuff… Sunny, warm, utterly luxurious. Limpid liquid joy.
-- CaFleurBon

Honey Blossom opens up on the effervescent notes of citrus and red grapes, which slowly vanish into an opulent floral accord that makes up most of the composition. The linden blossom is conveyed through the interplay of honeyed jasmine and orange blossom notes, with a splash of indoles lending it a pleasantly dark facet. Overall, it is a lush and vivid floral composition that captures beautifully the narcotic effect of sun warmed blooms. As Honey Blossom dries down, like the late spring itself, it begins to allude to summer warmth. The amber and sweet oriental notes deepen the white floral character, lending Honey Blossom an alluring richness.
-- Bois de Jasmine

This is perfume like liquid gold sunniness . . . Not the sweetness of sugar that is in many very "young" fragrances, but floral nectar thickened by the sun, a much deeper tone of sweetness.
-- Indieperfumes

Beautiful honeyed floral, hypnotic with notes of honeysuckle. If there were a flower that smelled like honey, this would be it.
-- Now Smell This

Aftelier's Honey Blossom is an exquisite blend of alchemy and high fragrance art. It is beguiling and utterly flirtatious but oddly comforting too
-- Perfume Smellin’ Things

A beautiful sweet sensation that is a honeyed floral honeysuckle fragrance that makes me swoon with its magnetic notes that smells of dripping honey right out of the honey jar.
-- She's Daily