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Eau de Parfum Spray 30 ml

Lumiere Eau de Parfum Spray

Scent Family: Floral
This features Tasmanian boronia in a bouquet of magnolia, and honeysuckle. This sheer, elegant floral is based in the lightness of green tea and sacred frankincense. A touch of bergamot lends sparkle to the opening. Restrained yet sensual, Vogue.com calls this fragrance "addictive." Lumiere captures the experience of fine silk on the skin.

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Character: Floral Bouquet, sheer, luminous , elegant, luxurious, fine.

Fragrant Notes: boronia, honeysuckle, magnolia, green tea, ambergris.

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Lumiere is an incredibly special perfume made from costly materials such as boronia and ambergris, that combine to become truly luminous on the skin and in the air around the wearer. Intimate and wise, Lumiere creates a spell of wonder….or enhances your wondrous moments!
-- Perfume Pharmer

Lumiere opens up bursting with light, incense and exuberance. It's light that hits old pine trees and reflects on the water in a dreamy fragrant garden. Most natural perfumes smell like real, earthy places. Mandy Aftel's Lumiere comes from a fantasy world.
-- The Non-Blonde

Wearing Lumiere the first time is like walking though a forest - dark, padded with leaf mold, and dotted with evergreens wherever the light shines through. Somehow, mid-way through the journey, you stumble into a burst of light, where an unlikely honeysuckle arbor leads to an algae-covered pond rimmed with lotus flowers and a serene scene. Beautiful fish are nibbling on the flowers, occasionally jumping out of the water to reveal their iridescent colors.
-- Best Things in Beauty

I’m absolutely blown away by the breathtaking beauty of this perfume. It’s rich and luscious. Imagine deep jewel tones of luxurious fabrics. The sparkle of the top notes, brought forth like stars. The tremolo of the middle notes, holding the melody and adding to the composition. Then the velvet of the base notes, adding depth, and longing. I put it on, and I started to cry it was so lovely.
-- Amanda, Esscentual Alchemy

Lumiere: There is nothing more complex and fruity, but it has an uplifting and airy quality that really comes through here.
-- WAFT by Carol

Both gorgeous and compelling and well worth the journey.
-- Perfume Smellin’ Things

I put it on and am overcome, every single time. I can’t even separate it out into notes, it is an overwhelming experience of beauty and openness and light. I want to laugh, I want to cry. It touches everything.
-- Sara, Esscentual Alchemy

Lumiere is soft, sweet, sexy, dreamy. Like falling in love. Fresh and tender and grown up all at once.
-- Shannon Honeybloom

Lumiere - reminiscent of classical French grand parfums
-- Bois de Jasmine

Lumiere, as all of the Aftelier perfumes, uniquely exquisite and in a class by themselves. Lumiere in particular is not overpowering yet its sharp, distinguished scent is perfect for the upcoming summer weather.
-- Whom You Know

Aftelier Lumiere is resoundingly unique, strikes notes of pure clarity (frankincense) exquisitely balanced by green tea absolute. Sacred, cerebral, yet eminently voluptuous, this perfume bestows a rare elegance.
-- Healing Lifestyles & Spas

Lumiere is an astonishingly elegant and sweet floral.
-- Good Magazine

My favorite Aftelier fragrance to wear when the heat is on, Lumiere, a sheer luminous floral...
-- Cafleurebon

Founder of the Natural Perfumers Guild, Mandy Aftel, has created a pièce de résistance in her potent Lumiere: a classic, mature, and subtly spiced floral blend.
-- Yoga & Joyful Living

I like Lumiere quite a lot. I just can’t really explain why. I look at the list of notes—green tea, frankincense, boronia —and think, Yeah, I reckon they’re all there. None of them really jumps out at me, though. What I experience is a mellow, thoroughly integrated mélange of herbs, flowers and frankincense... I’m reminded of sitting beside a pretty pond at the end of a summer day, just enjoying the fragrant air and blissing out. Lumiere is very blissful. Also, I should note, utterly unisex—a perfect neck-nuzzling scent for either gender and all persuasions. It has decent lasting power and mild silage.
-- Bittergrace Notes

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