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Onycha Tincture 5ml
Onycha Tincture


Onycha smells leathery and animalic, somewhat akin to castoreum. This 30% onycha tinctured in alcohol has been aged for two years. Like all animal ingredients, onycha is a base note with an alchemical effect on all the other essences in a blend. This tincture needs to be shaken to mix well.

It is derived from the shell of an edible marine mollusk found in abundance along the shores of the Red Sea. The part of the shell used for scent is the flap (or operculum, meaning “little lid”) that closes the mouth of its outer shell; its shape, like that of a claw or fingernail, gave rise to the Latin name for the aromatic, unguis (for “nail” or “hoof”) odoratus (“fragrant”). Onycha was a primary ingredient in Ketoret, the sacred incense described in Exodus.
Scent Family: Rich Animalic
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