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Mini 2 ml

Sepia Mini

Scent Family: Dry Woods
Sepia Perfume was inspired by trips driving around Northern California's Gold Country looking at ghost towns and feeling consistently struck by their desolate splendor. Sepia is a tint, a watercolor wash, an atmosphere, a memory. With its soft, sheer, presence, it becomes warmer as it lingers on your skin in a diaphanous veil. Yellow mandarin melds seamlessly with the blood cedarwood to create the elegant deep woody citrus opening. At the perfume's heart, neither the coffee nor the cocoa lend a gourmand note, but create an earthy and dark counterpoint to the full-bodied pink lotus -- with a hint of strawberry. Musky flowering tobacco in the base echoes the opening of the rich blood cedarwood. The murmur of cepes, married with the ambergris and oud, creates an atmosphere of aging elegance.

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Character: Woody Tobacco, earthy, dark, round, rich, musky, indolic, oud.

Fragrant Notes: blood cedarwood, coffee, oud, flowering tobacco, cocoa dust, pink lotus, strawberry.

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Best of 2012
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Sepia is about the romance of what has passed and can never be replaced. It exists somewhere between reverence and reverie-- a newly occupied space for Mandy's perfumes, and a welcome addition to her well-edited and diverse lineup.
-- Eyeliner On A Cat

Sepia is both a perfume and an experience. Had I not known the back-story, I doubt I would have envisioned abandoned Gold Rush towns, to be honest. But Sepia is clearly about distance and time. It is elegant and earthly at the same time. It has a certain wistfulness that I deeply enjoy.
-- This Blog Really Stinks (A Perfume Blog!)

One might also be reminded of sun beaten wood and dusty sidewalks and that would be right too. Sepia tells a story on one’s skin, a quiet story that one must listen to with both ears. It isn’t a loud perfume, it doesn’t announce its presence with a burst, nor does it stay as a conscious thought. It effects one more subtly, in its sweet, slightly nostalgic way, making one think of the skipping children of yesteryear, of thick rich fruit slices dripping in the summer sun and faded flowers nodding over worn wood. .
-- Perfume Pharmer

“Of course, Sepia does not actually smell like an old wooden building, it’s a real perfume, not a novelty act. However, if it did, it would be an idealized version of one, constructed from the most beautiful vintage wood and looking impossibly romantic..
-- Perfume Smellin’ Things

The woods are overlaid with a layer of dust, and the effect of subtle decay is achieved by the deft blend of the tobacco, oud, ambergris and cepes. The base notes sound like they have the capacity to be quite animalic, but on my skin (which tames animal notes) and in the Eau De Parfum the effect is a dry earthiness, rather than sweat or skin.
-- London Makeup Girl

Put your nose close to your wrist, inhale and just let go. Dream, fly, dance, be free. Let your memories guide you, let your feelings take over. For that hour that Sepia is going strong, use it to escape. Sepia is like a window to another world, a means to get away, a portal to your inner world, a safe drug.
-- Olfactoria’s Travels

The dark base notes are the prominent ones, and the perfume works in the reverse of the way perfumes generally do. With Sepia, you are immediately plunged into the dark coffee, cocoa, tobacco, oud, indole, labdanum, cepes (mushroom) and ambergris tones, and only then do the individual lyrical citrus and floral notes emerge.
-- Tugboat Magazine

Sepia is an unusual blend of mood and reality, a fragrance that evokes a definite physical presence as well as the aura surrounding it. Sepia has the feel of a thick down comforter — full of both presence and loft.
-- Now Smell This!

Sepia hits several sweet spots for me. Its tender gravity and elegiac refinement stir a gentle melancholy within me, a deep compassion for that which remains when the original form has faded. It beckons one to seek the subtle, secreted essence and celebrate that. All that is beautiful and true need not be showy and blatant - and this is the truth of Sepia.
-- Fragrantica