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Chef’s Essence® Flavor Kits

Ditch your dried out spices for delicious Chef's Essence Flavor Drops! These concentrated flavors have the upper hand on spices and herbs; they outlive their traditional pantry counterparts and deliver a cleaner flavor.Use these flavors to boost the intensity of ingredients like powdered ginger or fresh basil; substitute them for out-of-season herbs or unavailable spices; or think like a chef and layer other seasonings or Chef’s Essences together to create amazing new flavor combinations.

Chef's Essence Drops are fun, easy-to-use, and very economical -- a drop or two transforms an everyday dish into something utterly delicious. They enliven everything from soups, salads, and main courses to ice cream, cakes, and cookies. Available in over 50 flavors, the Chef’s Essence Drops come in a 5 ml dropper-cap bottle containing around 150 drops. Measure a drop or two carefully into a spoon so you can count the drops, as one extra drop can be too many. Start with one drop, then taste to see how many more drops to add. The citrus oils (bergamot, grapefruit, lime, orange) should be kept in the refrigerator to preserve their flavor for many months. All other essences will keep indefinitely at room temperature.